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Our Products


Our flagship in-house product is JunoViewer Web, a framework for building modern, web-based asset management systems to manage data and decision making on road and rail networks.

The JunoViewer framework provides the building blocks to cost effectively construct an Asset Management System that fits each client like a glove. When effectively utilized, JunoViewer Web can significantly impact on many key elements of the annual asset management lifecycle.

For more information on JunoViewer Web, go to www.junoviewerweb.com.

Junoviewer Web | Asset Management

Rubicon Toolbox

Rubicon Toolbox is a suite of tools that can greatly increase the productivity of engineers involved with road pavement rehabilitation design. First released in 2001, Rubicon Toolbox is now a mature and reliable line-of-business application.

Rubicon Toolbox is currently used by more than 100 companies in 16 countries. Rubicon clients represent world-class consultants, researchers and contractors across the globe. Rubicon Toolbox is owned by the South African company Rubicon Solutions, who provide training and technical support related to the product.

Lonrix provides the software support and expertise to maintain the existing desktop software as well as work with Rubicon Solutions to migrate the application to the web.

For more information on Rubicon Toolbox, go to www.rubicontoolbox.com.

Rubicon Toolbox | Asset Management

Juno Bridge

JunoBridge, JunoViewer’s Bridge Management System, is an asset management framework developed to manage bridge assets: from bridge inspections to condition ranking, Assigning treatments to managing budgets.

Features of Juno Bridge

  • Web Application
  • Offline Field Inspection Tools
  • Mobile App
  • Ranking and Treatment Assignment
  • Managing Budgets

For more information on Juno Bridge, go to bridge.junoviewerweb.com.

Juno Bridge | Bridge Management System

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Our Services

We develop good software at a reasonable price.

Whilst our team has the skills to take on any size project from a simple web site to an enterprise level tool, we currently specialize in software that involves complex business logic and challenging workflows.

Our team has the confidence and experience to tackle developments that involve complex algorithms, and we have successfully taken on developments involving Finite Element analyses and network deterioration models.

We have extensive and in-depth experience in asset management solutions, especially those involving linear and spatial reference systems such as road and rail networks.

If you are looking for a passionate and cost effective team to take make your software ideas come to life, talk to us today.

Our Company

About Lonrix

Lonrix Limited is an agile, dynamic team of civil engineers, software engineers and data analysts. We are passionate about building products that make a positive and lasting impact on the day-to-day operations of clients across the globe.

As a team, we have more than 50 years of combined experience in software development and asset management systems. Our team members have extensive international experience having worked on projects in Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia and New Zealand. As such we bring a wide perspective and considerable experience to each project that we undertake.

By utilizing our extensive library of tools and algorithms, we can cost-effectively develop web based applications for the smart phone age.

Lonrix Towers | Asset Management

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